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The rush to provide Emergency Operations and Communication have failed thus far to integrate animals in a meaningful way.

The good news is that appears to be changing. But remember, it's only been a few years since the wisdom shifted from "leave your animals" to "take your animals with you".

The capabilities are still being discovered.

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Animals In Disaster agencies proposition

You are a government-related agency and you have an interest integrating animals into your efforts.

You, perhaps more than any, are on the front lines of learning regarding how to deal wiht animal in disaster.

Your Emergency Operations Center is designed based on the standard methods for emergency response. The problem is that there is a conflict between your EMS group's focus on safeguarding human life and the human-animal bond that sometimes exists in a way to challenge your human safety focus.

The key learning is that the traditional view of animals as commodities doesn't work. The opportunity is to reconcile the human focus you have traditionally assumed with the more personal issue of animals in disaster.

Animal-related agengies are an integral part of the animal community. Supporting and observing individuals, groups, families, neighborhoods, and communities in their learning can go a long way to finding the right balance and integrating animals into your emergency planning.

Your objectives

  • Safeguard human life
  • Assure animal welfare
  • Protect assets
  • Manage risk
  • Provide for continuity

On a classic list of continuity and disaster response objectives, "assure animal welfare" appears to fit best between "safeguarding human life" and "protecting assets".