There is a business case

Perhaps reserved for the first to step into the business of animals in disaster, there is a compelling business case to adjust your strategic focus.

We've worked with animal-related organizations and understand why and when to get involved to leverage maximum bottom-line impact.

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Animals In Disaster business proposition

Perhaps no greater trauma exists than animal-related businesses struggling with how to maintain a profit in disaster support.

There has been nothing more prevalent on our thinking than how to see animals in disaster as a business opportunity.

The truth is that there are opportunities for early adopters but it will quickly morph into "also rans".

With all due respect for those that support the Humane Society for the United States, the brutal fact is that they have figured out how to provide the least amount of support necessary to create the maximum amount of leverage.

HSUS, which generated $35 million in donations just in support of Katrina, all without having a single shelter, is indicative of the outpouring of support that can happen with a group focused on animal in disaster.

Whether you are a small veterinarian office or a animal supply business we would want to work with you on how to maximize your business benefit from stepping out with disaster response and recovery.

State of the State

The brutal fact in King County is that we are not very far up the capabilities maturity journey when it comes to animals in disaster.

This is in spite of the Public Relations to the contrary.

You can't improve unless you truly understand where you are.

In our opinion, we're kidding ourselves.