The history of disaster preparedness places us at a strategic and predictable point in capabilities development.

Business Continuity and Disaster Response

Organizations have an existing management system that produces products and services every single day. This system matures as plans, skills, and resources are improved.

At it's core, business continuity and disaster response are about creating a new management system.

BCP and DR are a new management system (using as much of the existing system as feasible). It too will need to mature plans, skills, and resources.

Our work has been focused on adapting business continuity and disaster response best practices to smaller organizations and integrating new critical compents (e.g. animals).

In addition, the work has also focused on measuring the process and the resultant capabilities.

This is not a new theory but, to the contrary, a pragmatic use of existing theory.

The Why section describes while the Dashboard explores the measures. Artifacts houses some of the key charts and models while Approach shows some of the critical success factors for BCP and DR.

The good news

Disaster preparedness methods and tools have matured.

The bad news

We're running out of excuses.