There are currently three important locations: the boundaries of the Four Creeks UAC, the Urban Growth Boundary, and the "Preserve our Plateau" annexation petition boundary.

The Locations (Where)

The "Where" question is answered by listing all the Locations and areas that are important to the system, in this case the influence or decision making system.

At the detail level, documentation includes the maps of the area including it's boundary definitions.

In the land use and growth management context, affinitizing land areas by their common character is important since one of the strategies in land use focuses on the character of an area.  From a purely geographic perspective, an area may have a wetland character, or a forest character, or an urban residential character, or a commercial character, or, for that matter, a combination of more than one character.  When mapping Locations, therefore, generally the first overlays are geopolitical boundaries like Urban Growth Areas, Potential Annexation Areas, voting districts, or legislative districts along with land uses like wetland areas, residential areas, parks, forested lands, etc.

Logistics System (Location : Linkage)

Locations receive Logistics and produce Logistics.  Therefore the "Where" models are of "Logistics Flow" where the Where is the "Location" and the Outputs and Inputs are "Logistics" and Locations are Linked via some entity that can move logistics.

In the Growth Management context, the logistics systems include those that store and move information and the ones that provide for the service providers.

As with all architectural representations, the "where" list represents current experience.  Corrections and additions are encouraged and welcome.  eMail

Location Strategies

Divide locations into the smallest sections that have similar character

Where Lists and Links

  • Four Creeks Unincorporated Area
    • Sub-areas
      • Plateau east of Renton PAA
      • May Creek Basin
      • others (tbd)
    • Neighboring areas
      • Renton
      • Issaquah
      • Newcastle

The Four Creeks Unincorporated Area

With about 22,000 residents, this mixed use area lies between the incorporated areas of Issaquah, Renton, Newcastle and Maple Valley.

More on the way...