Major Motivations and Strategies

The Key Motivation are Outcomes, Funding, and Election

The Motivations (Why)

The "Why" question is answered by listing all the motivations and strategies that are important to the system, in this case the influence or decision making system.

The "Why" questions focuses on the intended outcomes and the reasons why those intended outcomes are important.

Plan (Means : Ends)

Motivations and strategies produce plans to create the desired results.  Therefore the "Why" models are of "Means" to desired "Ends".

In the Growth Management context, the most significant "Why" items are growth management and land use objectives.

As with all architectural representations, the "who" list represents current experience.  Corrections and additions are encouraged and welcome.  eMail

Why Strategies

Provide comprehensive, long-term, high-leverage outcome options

Assure adequate funding for high-leverage actions

Hold service owners and decision makers accountable to outcomes

Why Lists & Links

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